Our Story

Juno Diagnostics is a revolutionary genetic testing company focused on developing innovative, accessible, and cost-effective NIPT solutions. Our team is made up of leading scientists, medical doctors, and engineers with 100+ scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and 90+ patents and patent applications under our collective belts.

Before launching Juno Diagnostics, our founding team worked together at Sequenom, Inc., where we pioneered the development and commercialization of the first cell-free DNA-based NIPT in the United States.

Currently, we are in the final development stages of our latest NIPT innovation and look forward to bringing accessible and affordable gender testing to women across the world for years to come.


The Juno Diagnostics team boasts [x] years of expertise in genetics, reproductive health, and the development of innovative prenatal care solutions.

Dirk van den Boom

Dirk van den Boom

Dr. Dirk van den Boom is a co-founder and CEO of Juno Diagnostics, a development stage healthcare technology company, since August 2017. Prior to Juno Dx, Dr. van den Boom had an 18-year tenure with a progressive career starting as Senior Scientist and eventually becoming CEO & President at Sequenom, Inc. He established a successful track record in developing and commercializing innovative and industry-leading hardware, software, and reagents in the field of genomics/ genetics analysis as well as clinical laboratory-based medical testing. He also led the development and commercialization of the first non-invasive prenatal test analyzing fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood of pregnant women to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures and the associated potential fetal loss. The test changed medical practice and now is a standard of care for pregnant women. Dr. van den Boom co-authored over 95 peer-reviewed publications and is a named inventor on over 90 patents and patent applications. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry from the University of Hamburg, Germany.